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Compilers, Assemblers, and Toolchains

  • PVSnesLib - Programmer Valuable Snes Library, SNES framework toolchain and C compiler
  • cc65 - 6502/65816 assembler, and 6502 C compiler
  • WLA-DX - Wzonka-Lad Assembler Deluxe, multi-platform assembler, includes SNES 65816 and SPC-700
  • asar - patch-oriented SNES assembler
  • bass - Near's table-based assembler with support for for SNES 65816 and SPC-700
  • Free SNES Assembler - lightweight SNES assembler by Bisqwit
  • xkas-plus - multi-architecture assembler, includes SNES 65816 and SPC-700
  • TASM - Telemark Assembler for DOS, freeware table-based supporting several processors (WIN64 build, SPC700 table definition)




Web tools

ROM management

  • uCON64 - ROM manager and copier tool.


Popular emulators, most of which do not have debugging capabilities.